Reese Pyle Meyer Remains Prepared to Assist Clients in 2021

2020, an extraordinary year, has finally come to a close. 2021 is upon us. While Covid-19 is still with us, we are hopeful over the next few months as more people are vaccinated, we will return to a semblance of normalcy. We will again shake hands when we greet each other, and sit at the table with not only family, but friends and clients as well.

But we are not there yet. So, at RPM, we remain committed to maintaining an environment that is safe for our attorneys, staff and clients. We will continue social distancing polices for those clients who wish to see us in person. We will also accommodate clients who prefer to stay home until the “all clear” is sounded with secure virtual meetings by Zoom and other technologies. In either event, what we learned from 2020 is that the legal needs of people in Central Ohio did not suddenly evaporate with the pandemic. We have had to adjust and adapt in order serve those needs in this atypical circumstance.

With less traffic in the office, RPM has undertaken some building renovations at 36 North Second Street. It is hard to believe that it has been over 20 years since we added the second story here. But the time has come to remodel the bathrooms and replace some carpet, and hopefully those tasks will be completed before spring of this year.

RPM enters 2021 with 13 attorneys with a combined experience of over 200 years of providing legal services in a wide variety of matters, such as business, estate planning and administration, real estate, contracts, litigation, domestic relations, criminal and juvenile law. 2020 was a challenging year to practice law. But RPM managed through the year because we had to in order to serve our clients.  We will continue to do that in 2021 as well.

– J. Andrew Crawford, Managing Partner of Reese Pyle Meyer PLL


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