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Our attorneys have experience handling a variety of juvenile court matters including helping children faced with delinquency charges and traffic violations. Additionally, we are well equipped to assist parents and family members with matters concerning the legal custody, dependency, abuse, and neglect of children.

Juvenile delinquency

Delinquency cases involve allegations that would be criminal events if committed by someone 18 years or older. Some offenses can also lead to a child being prosecuted as an adult. These cases also involve juvenile traffic violations and speeding tickets.


Dependency is a term in which a child’s situation requires court involvement even though there is technically no one at fault. Children services agencies are usually involved in these cases.


In abuse cases, parents are accused of causing harm to a child directly, most often through physical contact. Abuse cases typically involve criminal charges and a threat of loss of parental rights.


As opposed to abuse, neglect is a more indirect form of mistreatment, involving inadequate living conditions, or not providing adequate care. As in abuse cases, criminal charges are common, as is a threat of loss of parental rights.


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