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The reality is that businesses and individuals will eventually have problems collecting money that is owed to them.  At Reese Pyle Meyer PLL, we stand ready to help our clients do just that.  We offer assistance in the areas of foreclosure, perfection of mechanics liens and general collection efforts.  This includes obtaining a judgment and actively pursuing collection of the money awarded by that judgment.  We can do this through a variety of methods, including foreclosure on real property, garnishment of wages and seizure of assets.

Our firm is always committed to the best interest of our clients.  Sometimes, that includes advising our clients that, even though the money is clearly owed, the reality of the situation is that collection of the full amount appears either very unlikely or cost prohibitive.  It is our firm belief that we can best serve our clients not only through aggressive collection efforts but also by advising them when not to throw good money after bad.


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