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Tax Planning

Navigating through the complex issues of taxation that affect your personal finances, your business, and other entities such as trusts and estates can be daunting.  We can advise you on the tax implications of your decisions before you act.  From personal issues like when to sell stock that will have a capital gain or loss, whether you should give money to your child or maintain it in your hands, or how to time charitable gifts, to business decisions like what form of business to establish, or whether to write-off (“expense”) equipment purchases in one year or depreciate the cost over multiple years, there are myriad opportunities for tax savings, and there are also some tax traps. As our tax code becomes increasingly complex, your trusted advisors at Reese Pyle Meyer PLL, are here to assist you in working through both the legal and tax issues in your decision-making.

Tax Return Preparation

Now more than ever our tax laws are in flux.  They are more complex than ever and are not likely to get simpler any time soon.  Every year it seems there are new deductions and credits.  As a result, tax return preparation requires more than just software.  It requires knowledge and expertise to prepare an accurate return and to minimize your tax burden.  For owners of small businesses, business income taxes affect the income taxes of each of the business’ owners as well, so the expertise of your business tax preparer affects your personal income taxes too.   You can rely on the attorneys of Reese Pyle Meyer PLL, to prepare your tax returns accurately and efficiently, and to answer your questions as simply and jargon-free as we can.

In addition to income tax returns for individuals, we can also assist you in preparing trust and estate income tax returns, business income tax returns, and estate and gift tax returns.  We are fully equipped to file returns electronically through the IRS e-file program to shorten the time it takes to get your refund and to give you faster confirmation that your filing requirements have been met.

For all of your tax-related legal issues, turn to Reese Pyle Meyer PLL. Call us at 740-345-3431 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. From our Newark office, we represent clients throughout Ohio.


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